Healthcare Staffing Firm Unveils New Plan, New Brand: Qualivis

A company created by South Carolina hospitals in 2002 to provide supplemental staffing is evolving into a national workforce solutions provider with a new strategic plan and a new name: Qualivis. 

Formerly known as Healthcare Staffing Services, a subsidiary of SCHA Solutions, Qualivis unveiled its new name and expansion plans Thursday (Jan. 25) at the 2018 Roundtable, a national conference on healthcare workforce issues and answers.

“The demand for healthcare workforce solutions has never been higher,” said Sherry Kolb, company president. “Within the next two years, healthcare will become the biggest job sector in America. By 2020, healthcare jobs are projected to grow by 30 percent, more than twice as fast as the general economy. So, we’re growing, too.”

While the company will continue to fulfill its original purpose of helping meet short-term needs through supplemental staffing, the challenges facing healthcare providers are more complex than they were 15 years ago, she said.

“We see Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials looking for greater work-life balance, more pressure on providers to manage workforce costs and increased focus on patient satisfaction,” she said. “To help meet these challenges, we’re expanding our focus to include a broader spectrum of staffing assistance, programs to improve the workplace culture and management tools that can help providers plan for the future.”

The new name and branding underscore the broader mission. The name Qualivis is a mash-up of three words that reflect the company’s goal of bringing quality, life and vision together under one mission.

“Quality is about providing top talent and best-of-class business practices. Life is a reference to a positive and supportive workplace culture and better work-life balance for staff, and vision is about helping leaders see what’s coming and plan for tomorrow’s workforce needs,” Kolb said. “Our mission is to simplify healthcare staffing and build a better workplace.”

Currently Qualivis partners with hospital associations in 13 states and nearly 400 healthcare providers, providing access to a national network of staffing agencies through a single contract. 

SCHA Solutions is a division of the South Carolina Hospital Association formed to help hospitals find the best prices and customer service for business products and solutions by endorsing preferred vendors that meet its quality and value standards.

01-31-2018 10:13 (EST)