Emergency? There's an App for That

Last month the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, School District of Newberry County, Newberry Memorial Hospital, and Newberry County Public Safety Department announced their adoption of the Rave Panic Button™, an app-based emergency response system that allows rapid notification of staff, administrators, and first responders that can dramatically reduce response times during critical events.

The app allows authorized individuals to quickly select the situation (active shooter, medical, fire, or police needed), allowing for specific responses for immediate action. The Rave Panic Button also uses location-enabled alerts based on geo-mapped buildings and outdoor areas at specific facilities. This allows 9-1-1 operators to get exact location information and immediately send preset notifications to authorized staff and emergency responders simultaneously.

While the instantaneous contact features are at the core of the Rave Panic Button, the app also has a Staff Assist feature which allows authorized employees to communicate with on-site groups or individuals without contacting 9-1-1. These internal groups and message templates are predetermined to ensure fast communication and reduce disruptions.

On the responder side, the app will provide critical data such as caller location, floor plans, emergency exit locations, emergency contacts, and other key procedures, saving valuable minutes in a crisis. The responders can also send text updates to on-site personnel to keep them informed and aware of any activity.

The partnership between these critical groups in Newberry County and their use of this smartphone-based technology is a first in South Carolina and demonstrates a commitment to harnessing the power of technology and innovation to improve the safety of their community. 

For more information, go to ravemobilesafety.com/panic-button.

10-17-2017 02:49 (EDT)