Discover New Tools to Help Create a Culture of Wellness

Working Well is an initiative built around three pillars: tobacco-free people and places; delicious and affordable, healthy food environments; and access and opportunity for physical activity during the workday.  In order to achieve meaningful change in these areas, it’s essential to create a culture of wellness at your organization.  With this in mind, WorkHealthy AmericaSM provides an array of resources in the Culture of Wellness toolbox, which show you how move to organizational wellness from its traditional place as an added program of an organization to the heart of the organization.

The resources are designed to show you how move to organizational wellness from its traditional place as an added organizational program to the heart of the organization. Issues addressed within the toolbox include:

• Building executive commitment for wellness
• Establishing human resource capacity for wellness
• Creating financial capacity for wellness
• Implementing data and evaluation systems for wellness

If you’re just starting to develop your employee wellness program, check out the materials that are available to help you make the pitch for wellness.  By pointing out the cost of doing nothing, you can show senior leadership that Incorporating wellness into the foundation of your organization will increase productivity and benefit your bottom line.

Hospitals that have had a program in place for a while, but are struggling with getting new people involved, may want to concentrate on adopting, implementing and communicating wellness policies.  This type of work allows all employees to see that their employer supports healthy behavior choices, including physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco cessation and breastfeeding, as strategies to prevent disease in healthy employees.  Also, the toolbox includes strategies for talking with senior leadership about how they can allow flexible scheduling that supports employee attendance at wellness events.

Wherever you are in the process, designating specific responsibilities for your wellness team, setting goals, and then measuring progress on your wellness goals and objectives will help you track your progress, evaluate the effectiveness of your worksite wellness programs, and justify its validity to funding sources.  The Culture of Wellness toolbox also has a variety of resources to help guide you through this important and ongoing process.

The Culture of Wellness toolbox includes talking points, sample policies and employee surveys, and cost calculators.  Access the toolbox resources by logging in to your WorkHealthy AmericaSM account.  The Culture of Wellness toolbox can be accessed at the bottom left hand corner of your home page, along with toolboxes related to nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.

09-26-2011 03:04 (EDT)