CON bill passes

Last Wednesday by a vote of 112-1, the House overwhelming agreed to override the Governor’s veto on S 0232 (Cleary) that revises the definition of health care facility to include narcotic treatment facilities so they will be subject to the certificate of need process. Prior to the veto, SCHA was monitoring the bill for potential amendments that would negatively impact the CON process; however, when the Governor issued her veto message stating the CON program creates unnecessary regulation, allows government rationing of care, and stifles competition in the medical field, our position was heightened. Having previously been overridden by a vote of 27-11 in the Senate, the bill is now law.
The message delivered to legislators by our LEAd Grassroots Network was designed to show lawmakers our strong support of the CON program. Thanks to all LEAd members who responded to our call for action. The majority vote in both bodies is indicative of your participation in getting the message to legislators.

06-21-2011 09:21 (EDT)