Call for Nominations

SCHA Accepting Distinguished Hospital Trustee Award Nominations

Each September at the annual SCHA/SCMA Trustee, Administrator and Physician (TAP) Conference, the Distinguished Hospital Trustee Award is presented to a hospital board member to recognize his or her service, commitment and leadership. These are the leaders who champion their hospitals and provide critical guidance at the governance level, and who have dedicated their time and energy to making sure health care in their communities is of the highest quality. They engage in health care policy issues statewide; are committed to continuing governance education; and mentor incoming hospital trustees. These individuals are symbols of the dedication and excellence we strive for throughout health care. 


The 2015 recipient, Rick Wheeler, Vice President of M-D Metal Source, is one of these leaders. Wheeler is in his second term as chair of the Palmetto Health board. He’s been involved with the hospital for more than seven years, serving on every standing committee and shepherding the organization through tremendous growth and change with calm and verve. 


His current and past colleagues from the Palmetto Health board are all effusive about his strong leadership skills and valuable contribution to the hospital. 


“I think what I admire most about Rick Wheeler is that he’s an intentional guy,” said Calvin Elam, a former board member. “Rick doesn’t do anything haphazardly. He figures out what needs to be done, he asks the hard questions and he then backs into the equation.”


“I have been privileged and blessed to have a chairman like Rick who is open, honest, gives good feedback, gives good direction,” said Palmetto Health CEO Chuck Beaman. “He’s a very good listener. He respects what I do, what the management team does. He has great respect for the physicians and what they do. But at the same time, he’s able to provide advice and insight that makes me more effective.”


SCHA produced a video in honor of Rick Wheeler which you can view here.  


If you have a board member you would like to nominate, please complete the short nomination process for her or him on our website by July 15, 2016.


The 2016 Distinguished Hospital Trustee Award will be presented at the TAP Conference in Hilton Head, September 15-17, 2016. This annual event proves fruitful for all types of boards whether true governing boards or those that serve in a more advisory capacity. We hope you will consider bringing your governance and clinical leadership team to this year’s TAP Conference.