Budget gets 2nd reading in Senate

After two long days and nights of posturing, the Senate gave second reading to H.3700, the $5.9 billion state appropriations bill. A stalled economy has continued to create massive budget cuts statewide but the Board of Economic Advisors announced last Thursday statewide revenue projections have increased by $210 million, $105 million of which has yet to be appropriated. SCHA and other health care providers are in the process of collaborating efforts to secure this funding for healthcare.  Budget negotiations in the Senate are entering their fourth week of debate. We hope to provide detail on the Senate’s final version in next week’s issue of The Pulse. 
In the meantime, both SCHA and individual hospitals have been working with DHHS to identify cost saving measures so that additional cuts to reimbursement can be avoided. A summary of questions and answers recently asked about the state budget and Medicaid cuts can be found on our website.

05-17-2011 09:36 (EDT)