Action Alert: Call state legislators to maintain CON program

The SCHA is asking advocates and individuals to take advocacy action by calling their state Representatives and Senators to override Governor Nikki Haley's Veto #14 immediately. Ask state Representatives and Senators to maintain funds for the Certificate of Need (CON) program at the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).

Veto 14:
DHEC Programs and Services; Health Care Standards; General Funds $411,317 / Total Funds $6,120,203.


The CON program costs $411,317 with a little over 7 FTEs.  The balance of the $6,120,203 referenced in the veto message includes expenditures that were authorized but the legislature did not fund in the current budget.  This expenditure was in a previous year’s budget and was totally irrelevant to the CON program.  These were the dollars for rural hospital grants and hospital equipment purchases.  DHEC was required, through the budgeting process, to include all authorized expenditures regardless of whether the dollars were actually appropriated.  This expenditure was NOT funded in the current budget. 

The CON program generates approximately $750,000 in fees per year, well more than required to operate the program.  Because DHEC is required to remit all fees generated to the state’s general fund,  the budget will actually be out of balance by the difference.


Call Your Representative and Senator today. Urge Them to Vote to Override the Governor's Veto #14 to protect the CON program. If you cannot speak with them directly, be sure to leave a message with your name and address.

Please contact you legislator and other members of your local delegation in Columbia at (803) 734-2010. Contact information for the SC House of Representatives and the SC Senate (alphabetically). Two-thirds majority is needed to override the veto. If the veto is not overrident, the program will lose funding.

In addition to your own action, we are asking you to reach out  to your networks: email lists, Facebook, Twitter, co-workers and friends. We can't afford not to weigh in before the vote that will come before the House on Wednesday morning and followed by the Senate on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

06-28-2011 05:02 (EDT)