Alba Marin

AccessHealth SC Spotlight: Alba Marin

Alba Marin

“I always worked and health insurance for my family was never an issue.”

When she lost her job in July of 2011, Alba Marin not only questioned her financial security, but the health and wellbeing of her family of five.  She was suddenly without employment or health insurance coverage for herself and her family. 

Alba’s husband is self-employed and was struggling to find work in the construction business; the family depended on her for their health insurance coverage.  The Marins struggled to find insurance that would cover them and that they could afford with their limited resources. 

“We (my husband and I) were both very worried about getting sick and since I have thyroid problems I was worried about not being able to afford blood tests.” 

Fortunately, it was around this time that Alba encountered information about AccessHealth Spartanburg, AHS, and was able to get an appointment with the staff.  Alba and her husband were both eligible for AHS and were connected to Dr. Walter Kucaba who addressed their medical needs. 

In addition, the family was referred to Piedmont Community Action for assistance with their utilities. Accessing medical care is just one of the hurdles many clients at AHS face and the effort is made to address and alleviate this and other hurdles on a person’s road to better health. 

Alba doesn’t know where she would be without the help of AHS, but knows with certainty that she would not have been able to make her health a priority.  “…I might have had to stop taking my medicine, even knowing that it would cause me other medical problems.”

Alba believes it was more than health care she was given, but hope as well.  “…the entire Access Health program-they (the staff and partners) made us feel that there was a way out.”