2014 Working Well Annual Meeting Recap

Earlier this month, representatives from hospitals, businesses, and state agencies across the state gathered at the Culinary Institute of Charleston for the Working Well Annual Fall Meeting. For the first time ever, the event was held offsite to coincide with our annual two-day culinary event including the Cooking Well Invitational and Iron Chef Showdown. The annual meeting was a huge success and it would not have been possible without our amazing speakers, meeting attendees, and the Culinary Institute for hosting the event. 

The theme of this year’s meeting was “Impacting Health: Being a Community of Influence.” We had a variety of phenomenal speakers who spoke on a variety of engaging and relevant topics. For the first time in Working Well history, we invited a nationally known speaker and author, Victor Strecher from the University of Michigan, to serve as our keynote speaker. His talk titled, “On Purpose: A New Direction in Health and Wellness” discussed how having a strong sense of purpose in life is actually beneficial to our health. Research shows that people with a strong sense of purpose have a higher quality of life and are less likely to suffer from a variety of health conditions. This is an incredibly important lesson for wellness and human resources professionals, as well as organizational leaders. Helping employees to recognize and understand their purpose within the organization, and more importantly realize their unique purpose in life, will actually result in a healthier and more motivated workforce! Other speakers include:

Lindsey Bickers Bock, from Prevention Partners in North Carolina, who spoke on “Creating Change Across South Carolina,” to highlight the progress Working Well has made in creating culture of wellness across our state.  

Susan Johnson, with the Medical University of South Carolina, who provided a “Theory into Practice” presentation and live tour of MUSC’s campus to showcase their amazing and innovative work to create a healthier campus for faculty, staff, students, and the community. On the live tour, meeting attendees were able to view MUSC’s urban garden, outdoor fit gym, cafeteria and vending, tobacco free signage, and more. 

The complete power point presentations for the meeting can be found on our website in the right-hand column under “Tools and Resources.” If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding Working Well, please do not hesitate to contact Emily O’Sullivan, Working Well Corporate Wellness Specialist, at 803.454.6969.

11-27-2014 11:23 (EST)