Membership Groups of the SCHA

The health care environment is changing every day. To survive, you must keep abreast of the latest developments, learn more about your job and figure out the best way to do it. By joining one of our personal membership groups, you can achieve all of these things and more.

Personal membership groups (PMGs) are vital components of the South Carolina Hospital Association. PMG membership offers engaged professionals an avenue to achieve common goals, develop management skills and expertise, and network within organizations that represent their chosen professions.

PMGs also benefit members' health care facilities by helping to increase the efficiency, productivity, and quality of patient care.

SCHA's personal membership groups meet periodically to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and information. These meetings also allow professionals involved in the health care field to address issues of concern on behalf of their hospitals, health systems and other health care related facilities.

To strengthen their professions, members attend quality education programs and other activities planned by a committee elected annually by the membership.

Members of personal membership groups also receive important information such as announcements of educational programs and society newsletters.

The membership fee for all SCHA personal membership groups is a reasonable $80 per year, excluding SCONL which is $85 per year (including AONE chapter dues). Anyone affiliated with an institutional member of the association is eligible to join a PMG.

To join, complete the membership form (pdf) and return it with a check made payable to the South Carolina Hospital Association, Membership Services, 1000 Center Point Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

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