Workforce Development

Healthy workforce. Healthy workplace. Healthy business.

SCHA and Solvent Networks are committed to helping our hospitals recruit, develop and maintain a quality workforce. We have been gathering data, developing new tools and reinvigorating existing programs and partnerships to meet today’s needs. This site will be your one-stop shop for all workforce-related reports, programs and tools we have to offer.

Download our guide, Mobilizing a Healthy Workforce: A Guide for Healthcare Systems, Providers, Educators & Partners, for an overview of workforce related activities via SCHA. Share this resource with senior leadership, human resources, clinical leadership, etc.

We’re focusing our efforts on four pillars that are essential to a successful workforce strategy:


  • Be Something Amazing is a careers site & resources for students, parents, counselors, teachers, and hospitals.



  • Maximize your recruitment dollars by reaching a national audience using Solvent Networks endorsed partner
  • For all your physician or advanced practice provider recruitment needs, contact Solvent Networks endorsed partner Jackson Physician Search.
  • Build your temporary workforce to support changes in patient volume, major projects like IT conversions, or core staff vacations or time off with a temporary strategy via Qualivis, a Solvent Networks endorsed partner.





  • Build a culture that has zero tolerance for workplace violence by downloading and using the tools available at
  • Deploy smart tools that enable staff to track and report unsafe behavior or security events with Collective Medical, a Solvent Networks endorsed partner.


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