SCHA Solutions

In the current political and economic environment hospitals, perhaps more than any other business, are feeling the pressure to improve their margins by enhancing revenue and cutting costs. SCHA Solutions is there to provide an array of business solutions to help SCHA members accomplish this critical goal.

SCHA Solutions was created by the South Carolina Hospital Association to help hospitals find the best price on business solutions and workforce solutions to meet hospitals' special needs. And where there is a gap in service options, SCHA Solutions can help identify options for providing those services. SCHA Solutions takes all of the work out of finding that one great company with the right product and/or service at the right price. Superior customer service is one of SCHA Solutions' core values. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us.

By investigating companies and giving those selected SCHA Solutions' seal of approval, we are assuring our members that these companies will provide excellent service to them and if, in the unlikely event any problem or concern does arise, SCHA Solutions will resolve it quickly.

Also SCHA Solutions revenue helps support SCHA Solutions' activities and programs on behalf of member hospitals, allowing SCHA to provide more assistance to members without significant increases in membership dues.

For more information about SCHA Solutions, its partnering companies and their products and services, contact Kristin Hill.