Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina


To lead the nation in the continuous improvement of health and healthcare at a lower cost, for ALL people in South Carolina.


Coordinating action on shared goals to improve the health of ALL people in South Carolina.


When it comes to healthcare in South Carolina, we all agree there’s room for improvement. Because of economic, racial and geographic disparities, it’s hard for many children or adults in the Palmetto state to live healthy lives. Many organizations are trying to improve health and healthcare in South Carolina, but their efforts often aren’t as coordinated as they could be which can result in fragmented, duplicative activities that don’t always achieve the best results. 

Between 2010 and 2013 a group of senior leaders became increasingly aware of the several successful but uncoordinated efforts to impact diverse aspects of health in the state; and saw promise in the development of coalitions that were trying to minimize duplication and maximize impact in specific health outcomes such as stroke and premature births. They decided to scale that coalition approach and take collective responsibility for the health of all in the state through the creation of the South Carolina Health Coordinating Council, today known as the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina.

Scope of work

  • Promote and support alignment of cross-sector organizations to achieve collective statewide population health improvement strategies and goals;
  • Work directly with organizations and coalitions at the state level to identify and act on opportunities for cross-sector collaboration to improve health and reduce disparities at the population level;
  • Strive to create and strengthen interdependent leadership relationships at the state-state and state-community levels in response to collectively agreed-upon improvement goals and strategies;
  • Serve in a backbone role for health improvement coalitions at the state or regional level, which have or aim to develop sustainable collective impact-based governance and leadership structures;
  • Partner with relevant state-based organizations to develop and disseminate tools and resources to maximize the positive impacts of collective action on health improvement and disparity reduction at the community level;
  • Serve as a macro-integrator to align the work of other collective impact backbone organizations at the regional and state level especially as it relates to community engagement, interdependent leadership development and data management and analysis.


Rick Foster, MD
Executive Director, Alliance for a Healthier SC
Cell: 843.696.4460
Office: 843.696.4460

Monty Robertson
Manager, Alliance for A Healthier SC
Office: 803.399.3155

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