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Fast Heart Attack Care

Attorney Steve Aceto collapsed after feeling pain in his chest during the 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston. He had no pulse. As his running partner immediately started CPR, a nurse who had been running for the Medical University of South Carolina team sent an alert to the hospital. 

This one call mobilized multiple care teams. EMS was there in five minutes. Ten minutes later Steve was at the hospital, and within 75 minutes the severe blockage in his artery had been successfully treated. Thanks to immediate action and teamwork, there was no lasting damage to his heart muscle.

If it had been a few years earlier, Steve may have had a much different result.

In 2007, public and private partners formed SC Mission Lifeline and started working to get heart attack patients into treatment faster.

Today the collaborative has expanded to become the South Carolina Heart and Stroke Care Alliance, which continues the innovative work to improve cardiovascular care for our friends, family and neighbors, all across the state. 

RESULTS: Before SC Mission Lifeline, it took an average of 93 minutes to get heart attack patients from the emergency room door to treatment. That figure is now 46 minutes, a 48% improvement. 97% of the state’s heart attack patients now receive treatment within the optimal timeframe for best results – 90 minutes.

PARTNERS: Every South Carolina hospital that provides interventional cardiac services along with the American Heart Association, Health Science South Carolina, Mothers Against Medical Error, PHT Services, Ltd., SCHA, SC Chapter of American College of Cardiology, SC Chapter of the College of Emergency Physicians, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Office of Emergency Medical Services

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This work is made possible by the generosity of The Duke Endowment. South Carolina’s hospitals are grateful for the vision of James B. Duke, who established The Duke Endowment in December of 1924. For more information on the legacy of Mr. Duke and the work of The Duke Endowment, visit www.dukeendowment.org.