Collaboration of Care Journey (CCJ)

Collaboration of Care Journey (CCJ) is an initiative funded by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and the South Carolina Hospital Association.  The Collaboration of Care Journey (CCJ) works with hospitals to improve the transition from hospital to home for our patients and families.  As South Carolina hospitals strive to become highly reliable, this initiative focuses on creating, safe, high-quality care transitions.  This includes:

Robust process improvement
Standard and customizable approaches to patient care
Community connectivity 

CCJ is part of a larger shift in the world of healthcare that is pivoting away from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value payment system. By focusing on active coordination and continuity in a patient’s care, we can deliver higher quality care at a lower cost by increasing patient confidence and engagement with care plans and best practices.  This also will avoid redundant tests and studies, reduce hospitalizations and lengths of stay, and improve patient satisfaction particularly for those with chronic diseases.    

CCJ is an outgrowth of a recent care transitions effort aimed at reducing 30-day hospital readmissions.   South Carolina hospitals have already seen some success on this issue in recent years, with patients treated for heart attacks, heart failures, and COPD all seeing their 30-day readmission rates improve over the course of the fiscal year 2015 relative to 2011 baselines. 

However, that same data tells us that broad disparities still exist in our healthcare system. While the rate of readmissions of insured patients has mostly gone down, the percentage of uninsured readmits has only gone up. There also exists a significant gap between white and black patients, with the latter group seeing 18% more readmissions. 

This disparity is multifactorial and as part of CCJ it will be important to better understand and identify the causes, so we can create standard, but customizable programs to meet the patient and family’s needs and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions.  

Ultimately, CCJ wants to consider care transitions more broadly. While we will continue to help hospitals to improve the care of patients and families by engaging frontline staff, sharing best practices, and utilizing tools and resources, we will expand our purview to beyond the walls of the hospital through connecting hospitals with the community to develop strategic partnerships.  We want to include a community focus on helping providers navigate patients through a variety of care settings, identify high-risk patients, and provide resources to avoid hospitalization and improve the quality of life.  


The Duke Endowment Logo

This work is made possible by the generosity of The Duke Endowment. South Carolina’s hospitals are grateful for the vision of James B. Duke, who established The Duke Endowment in December of 1924. For more information on the legacy of Mr. Duke and the work of The Duke Endowment, visit