South Carolina Hospital Research & Education Foundation


The South Carolina Hospital Research and Education Foundation (SCHREF) is affiliated with SCHA. SCHREF’s mission is to create research and educational opportunities and attract resources that allow SCHA and its member hospitals to improve health and health care in their communities

Specifically, its purposes are:

  • To promote, sponsor and conduct research and to apply scientific knowledge in the provision of health care
  • To conduct and sponsor educational programs of all types for training of health care personnel
  • To assist, sponsor, and encourage individuals pursuing an education in health careers
  • To foster the accumulation, exchange and dissemination of health information.

Initiatives funded through SCHREF include:

  • AccessHealth SC
  • Working Well
  • Quality and Patient Safety Improvement
  • SC Safe Care
  • Lean Collaborative
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Be Something Amazing
  • Management Academy
  • Physician Executive Leadership Institute
  • Care Transitions
  • Preventing Avoidable Readmissions