Quality & Patient Safety

Title What Category
Integrating Advance Care Planning In Clinical Practices Agape Foundation successfully trained its clinical staff in ACP conversations and procedures Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Messaging Against Healthcare Workplace Violence Tidelands Health takes a proactive communications approach to this serious issue Workforce Development, Quality & Patient Safety
Incentivizing Palliative Care Referrals in Emergency Rooms MUSC incorporates palliative care and end-of-life goals into its culture through a one-year financial incentive to physicians for referrals of appropriate patients to palliative care. Quality & Patient Safety
Process Improvement for Submitting Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccine to Immunization Registry Conflicting practices causing duplication and confusion in electronic health records and the state immunization registry were reconciled by Lexington Medical Center and MUSC in different ways Quality & Patient Safety
Zero Tolerance Towards Workplace Violence Grand Strand Health Takes a Comprehensive Approach to Combating Workplace Violence Workforce Development, Quality & Patient Safety
Reducing Specimen Labeling Errors The MUSC Labor and Delivery department created a Cord Blood Collection Kit to improve the collection and labeling process Quality & Patient Safety
Collaborating with Insurance Companies to Improve Person-Centered Care Palmetto Health and BlueCross BlueShield partner on high-risk case management to improve the quality of care Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Engaging the Media for Transparency The Regional Medical Center Invites Reporters to Tour and Learn About Their Emergency Department Quality & Patient Safety
Reducing Door-to-Triage Patient Times in the Emergency Room Williams Jennings Bryan Dorn VAMC uses data analytics to improve impatient flow performance Quality & Patient Safety
A Proactive Treatment Approach for Opioid-Dependent Babies Greenville Health System and Clemson University collaborate to research an innovative new treatment method for opioid-dependent newborns that significantly improves outcomes and reduces withdrawal symptoms Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Creating a Patient-Centered Mentality Through No Pass Zones McLeod Loris and McLeod Seacoast Institute No Pass Zones That Make Responding to Patients a Hospital-wide Responsibility Workforce Development, Quality & Patient Safety
Bringing Just Culture into the Classroom MUSC Makes Just Culture Principles Part of its Master of Healthcare Administration Curriculum Workforce Development, Quality & Patient Safety
Advance Care Planning Outside the Hospital Walls MUSC Health Collaborates to Engage Community on End-of-Life Conversations with Family-friendly Arts Festival Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Advance Care Planning for Hospital Staff MUSC Health recognizes the importance of advance care planning by engaging its own staff in having their own conversations with their doctor and loved ones. Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Advance Care Planning by Chaplains in Physician Practices AnMed Health’s Chaplaincy Program sends trained spiritual advisors into the primary care setting Quality & Patient Safety
Developing and Sustaining a Sepsis Protocol Abbeville Area Medical Center uses Lean A3 problem solving tool to improve sepsis treatment Quality & Patient Safety
Readmissions Huddles Self Regional, in collaboration with the Premier HIIN, uses A3 and LEAN to improve readmission huddles Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Newborn Screening Proper Sample Collection SCHA and DHEC team up to reduce the number of improper time-sensitive newborn screening samples that are submitted to DHEC labs Quality & Patient Safety
Timely Newborn Screening Testing A statewide effort to ensure all newborn screening tests are performed on a timely basis Quality & Patient Safety
Telehealth Increases Access to Specialty Consults AnMed Health and Greenwood Genetics Center use telehealth to provide a better experience for patients Quality & Patient Safety