Population Health

Title What Category
Integrating Advance Care Planning In Clinical Practices Agape Foundation successfully trained its clinical staff in ACP conversations and procedures Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Population-wide Approaches to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease DHEC Midlands Region Office does targeted early intervention efforts to curb health disparities Population Health
Stemming the Mental Health Awareness Deficit SC Thrive's Mental Health First Aid Program Provides Tools and Resources to Communities Population Health
Faith-Based Interventions in Pee Dee to Improve Chronic Conditions The Department of Health & Environmental Control in the Pee Dee works with local churches in the region to manage chronic conditions Population Health
Making a Business Case for Care Coordination of Uninsured Patients McLeod Health calculates cost savings that come from transitioning the high-utilizing uninsured into intervention programs Population Health
Collaborating on Workforce Development and Community Improvement Spartanburg Regional and the Northside Development Group work together to employ more people from the surrounding community Population Health, Workforce Development
Collaborating with Insurance Companies to Improve Person-Centered Care Palmetto Health and BlueCross BlueShield partner on high-risk case management to improve the quality of care Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
A Proactive Treatment Approach for Opioid-Dependent Babies Greenville Health System and Clemson University collaborate to research an innovative new treatment method for opioid-dependent newborns that significantly improves outcomes and reduces withdrawal symptoms Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Advance Care Planning Outside the Hospital Walls MUSC Health Collaborates to Engage Community on End-of-Life Conversations with Family-friendly Arts Festival Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Advance Care Planning for Hospital Staff MUSC Health recognizes the importance of advance care planning by engaging its own staff in having their own conversations with their doctor and loved ones. Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Readmissions Huddles Self Regional, in collaboration with the Premier HIIN, uses A3 and LEAN to improve readmission huddles Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Engaging Minority Communities Greenville Health System has collaborated with PASOS to support its Latino community with education, advocacy, and leadership development Population Health
Transitional Care Clinics to Reduce Readmissions Self Regional's Transitional Care Clinic was established to provide a short-term medical home for patients at a high risk for readmission Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Brown Bag Medication Check-Ups Campaign The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence launched a campaign to encourage patients with chronic conditions to update their medication lists regularly. Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety
Cardiac Arrest Registry A secure, web-based national data management system to help EMS agencies and hospitals generate data on cardiac care Population Health, Quality & Patient Safety