Much to be thankful for

The past few months have been so partisan and so emotional in our nation that it's easy to focus on the problems. But we in America are richly blessed, and that is especially true in South Carolina.

We are blessed to live in a free nation where we can speak, worship, and assemble as we choose.

We are blessed to live in a state with abundant natural resources, where beaches and mountains are so plentiful we often take them for granted.

We are blessed to live in a state that values relationships; where family and friendships are honored and protected.

We are blessed to have jobs, and even more so to have jobs with meaning and purpose.

We are blessed to work in an industry that heals the sick, restores human beings to function, gives comfort to the dying, and does all these things with compassion.

We are blessed to be leaders during a period of history when the quality of medicine is improving every day, and in ways never imagined until a few years ago.

We are blessed with the opportunity to redesign the way health care is delivered in America…not an easy task, but a worthy one.

We are blessed to be able to make a difference.

And we are blessed to work with bright, committed professionals all across our state in furtherance of a worthy mission.

All of us at SCHA give thanks for the opportunity to represent you, your colleagues, and your patients. We wish for you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving.