A SC Mission 2011: Midlands volunteer reflects

Mission 2011It was truly an honor to serve as a volunteer at SC Mission 2011: Midlands.  As a line walker I saw firsthand the volume of people standing outside at 5 am patiently waiting for the doors to open.  As I and approximately 15 other volunteers gathered demographic information it felt good to know that these people were going to get the necessary care that most of us take for granted. 

I changed roles several times that day (picked up trash, guided people inside, as well as brought water to people waiting inside and out).  The best part of my day was when I helped get something warm to wear for one of the wheelchair bound patients.  This young man offered to pay for one of our T-shirts.  He was dressed for the heat and when the wait changed to inside the coliseum he stated that because he was paralyzed that the temperature change could cause him to get pneumonia.  I told him that I would gladly get him something and we would not take any money.  I went down to the dental area and they gladly gave me a disposable lab coat.  The young man thanked me profusely and I told him that it was my pleasure and that if he needed anything else to just ask. 

At the end of my shift I was utterly exhausted but believe me it was worth it.