Workforce Solutions

Recruitment, management, compensation and retention of the hospital workforce are major concerns that impact both the cost and quality of patient care. Providing care is a labor-intensive endeavor that requires hospitals, as employers, to assure that salaries and benefits are competitive and health workers are well-trained and kept up to date in an ever-changing environment that is already struggling with major worker shortages.

Over the next five years, these challenges are likely to intensify as a result of advancements in medical science and technology, as well as changing demographics and economics. Hospitals that do not prepare for these challenges are likely to see their costs skyrocket and their quality plunge. To help South Carolina hospitals meet their workforce needs today and in the future, SCHA has developed a number of programs to help hospitals recruit, orient and train their most precious resource – the caregivers.

In addition to specific programs to assist hospitals in recruiting and retaining workers and programs to help persons interested in a health care career in South Carolina, SCHA advocates for strategic, long-term solutions to help alleviate the shortage. Our advocacy focuses on scholarships, loans and grants for persons who want to become healthcare professionals, funding more teaching positions to eliminate the long waiting lists for training programs, workforce research, and making more simulation technology and equipment available for training.

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