Hospital Performance Dashboard (HPD)

The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA), in conjunction with the Office of Research and Statistics (ORS), are providing South Carolina hospitals a "Hospital Performance Dashboard" (HPD), which is a much improved version of the old Provider Comparison Network (PCN),

HPD is a low cost, secure website available to member hospitals that submit data to the State Office of Research and Statistics (ORS). Participating hospitals can access this database via the Internet and generate responses to their own queries and reports. Unlimited  support is available to help members make sense of the data. HPD is available at largely discounted rates to SCHA members.

HPD is ideal for departments and staff in Quality, Clinical, Information Technology (IT), Financial, Business, Credentialing, Planning, and Marketing. Some of the features of the HPD include quick at-a-glance reports with drill down capabilities for top Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs), quality indicators, and outcome variables such as LOS, Emergency Room (ER) readmissions and mortality rates by state, peer, and geographic comparisons. A NEW feature of the HPD includes the physician's individual reports and physician specialty reports. These reports contain information on quality indicators, outcome variables, and DRG drill down capabilities to access reports all the way to the patient's records. The HPD also includes market share reports by inpatient and outpatient surgery. ORS now has the ability to log in authenticated users from your internal network or Intranet, therefore allowing unlimited users to access the software without needing additional logins. Customized reports are also available. For a demo of the HPD, schedule a webinar with Dr. Aunyika Moonan by calling her at (803) 796-3080 or emailing her at

Created by the South Carolina Hospital Association, is an easy to use web site that features ”reader friendly” information on quality and safety in South Carolina hospitals. was created by SCHA and its member hospitals as an educational website on the quality and safety of care provided in South Carolina hospitals. It is intended for the general public, employers, insurers, and providers. It will help consumers make decisions about hospitals. It also helps businesses and insurers with decision-making. It helps hospitals with their quality and patient safety efforts.

The information on is reliable, consistent and has been validated.

The quality and safety data information are based upon evidence-based measures, including medical intervention measures that correspond to heart attacks, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical infection prevention. offers optimal care measures. An optimal care measure is a composite measure that captures whether or not a patient received all the care he or she was eligible to receive. offers patients’ experience of care data. It’s called HCAHPS – and the information is about hospitals and provided by hospitals, for the consumer. Website content is based on data collected from all hospital patients, not select groups, so that it is representative of all South Carolinians. The information on has been validated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to meet national standards. The website allows visitors to compare factual, category specific “apples to apples” information rather than “apples to oranges” information. is an important part of South Carolina’s hospitals’ commitment and accountability to their communities.

South Carolina’s hospitals occupy a position of trust in the communities they serve. They are committed to providing the best care to all patients. Sharing information on specific measures of quality and patient safety is an important step in public accountability and public trust. South Carolina hospitals want the public to learn more about and play an active role in their healthcare. Participation in is entirely voluntary. All acute care and critical access hospitals in South Carolina are participating in

To find out more, visit MySChospital or contact Dr. Aunyika Moonan at (803) 744-3534 or

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