AccessHealth SC

Our Mission

Our mission is to support communities in creating and sustaining coordinated data-driven provider networks of care that provide medical homes and ensure timely, affordable, high quality healthcare services for low income uninsured people in South Carolina.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spark sustainable health system change that results in better health outcomes and 100 percent access to effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable healthcare throughout South Carolina.

The Problem

According to the most recent data, roughly one in six South Carolinians has no health insurance. The number one reason they give for not having health insurance is that they cannot afford it. And that's a problem for all South Carolinians. People without health insurance are more likely to delay needed medical care until they become very ill. They are more likely to go without screenings or preventive care. Often, emergency rooms are a primary - and not always appropriate - source of care. In 2010, South Carolina's hospitals provided more than $1 billion in services for which they were not paid. Businesses with insurance are paying increasingly higher premiums to underwrite the cost of care to the uninsured. High costs are forcing many small businesses to stop offering health insurance. Today, only 35 percent of private sector employees with fewer than 50 workers offer insurance to employees.

This lack of insurance has had profound consequences. South Carolina now ranks 41st in the nation in health status, affecting quality of life and economic competitiveness.